Colorfly is a collection of travel writing from people who have walked the off beaten track and discovered india, which is still untouched, all with its pristine glory. In this endeavour have been compiled, some of the most breathtaking memories that only these places could offer!
Joy Banerjee, September 17, 2010
'Small wayside stations have always fascinated me. Manned sometimes by just one or two men, and often situated in the middle of a damp sub-tropical forest, or clinging to the mountainside on the way to Simla or Darjeeling, these little stations are, for me, outposts of romance, lonely symbols of the spirit that led a certain kind of pioneer to lay tracks into the remote corners of the earth.'
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Suparna Banerjee, September 23, 2010
Spiti has been hovering in our travel consciousness for a while now. We’ve been hovering near Spiti too, but somehow we never quite made it beyond Kalpa.
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Suparna Banerjee, October 08, 2010
Little monasteries and chortens dot the landscape. A cluster of whitewashed buildings with a playing field has a board with primary school written boldly across it. It's devoid of all touristy claptrap, and somewhere on the road you abruptly pass from thickly forested hills to bare dust ridden snow capped mountains. It's as if the curtains have parted on a grand proscenium.
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