About Us Colorfly are a series in writings meant to capture the fleeting colorful moments in the kaleidoscope of life. It is a collection of intimate travel journals to tell the true story of travel where we seek exciting places and destinations (at times outside the zone of comfort) – that inward journey we begin for every step taken outside; that frantic search outside to discover what lies within. For those of us who’ve sought places, faces and furtive landscapes, colorfly is a space for sharing them with the stranger and friends alike. Here’s to receding train tracks and rising skylines, narrow smiles and open gazes, cheap tickets and dear destinations, glowering sunsets tailing speeding subways, urban architecture and rural tourism, home stays and couch surfing, absurd orange bees, and silver moonscape remote villages in high mountains. Color your moments with a light brush to tell a story filed with sniffles, laughter, squeals, sighs, shrugs, despair, ecstasy, longing, regret or despair. Live life and just colorfly!
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